Monday, January 30, 2012

LUCILLE, the Odd Princess of Night Butterflies.

LUCILLE, the ODD PRINCESS of NIGHT BUTTERFLIES is #5 of ODD PRINCESS DOLLS,  and maybe the most sensual and sexy one)) She is made with great love and care and I can't believe I've finally complete her. It took me really long (about 400 working hours) to complete her. She is OOAK (one-of-a-kind) ribbon joined victorian art doll, fully hand-sculpted from papier mache and air dry clay on metal armature, then sanded many times before being painted with acrilic paints and sealed with matt varnish. No molds were used or ever have been taken.
Lucilee has three beautiful black butterfly tatoos on her body. Her wig is hand felted from the best quality natural wool and decorated with beads and cristals. She wear silver crown, which I desined specially for Odd Princess Dolls. 
Her detailed outfit is sewn by hand from the best fabrics and laces, nice to touch, and decorated with beads, which all were attached with thread, no glue was used. Her gorgeous cage-skirt and shoes (I'm really proud of them) are made from jewelry wire and decorated with beads and cristals.The outfit includes 
lacy garter
hair pins
All items are made by me and are easily removable.
She is about 50 sm including the wig and her stand. The stand was made by me specially for these doll.
LUCILLE comes with her book-label with her portrate on the front page, her fairy-tale inside and authority on the back page.
LUCILLE is available in my ETSY shop: