Thursday, November 24, 2011

Windelena - the Odd Princess of Winds

Once upon a time, among high frozen mountains there was a small kingdom, and the young princess Windilena ruled there. Her impregnable castle was on the top of the highest mountain and seared the clouds with its sharp towers. In the months, when winter reined the countryside, the mountains were all covered with snow, but the most part of the year their slopes were decorated with wild flowers and grass of uncountable colors. Windilena had a special gift: she could control the wind, and that's why the blue of the sky was never clouded above her kingdom. The princess was not only beautiful and kind, but also wise and just, and her subjects loved and respected her. The princes and knights of neighboring countries often offered her a hand and a heart in marriage; but her answer was always a refusal. The thing is, princess Windilena was waiting for the one who would find his way to her heart, and for that, she thought, something else was needed – not just riding horses and dancing at the balls. And so, not hurrying with marriage, Windilena calmly ruled her kingdom, reading books in her free time and making herbarium of wild flowers. 
The year when Windilena would turn twenty inside the volcano that was on the border of the kingdom – the one that would play a decisive role in the fate of the land, one winter’s night ice and fire collided and birthed a dragon of icy heart. The dragon knew neither love nor compassion. Cloaked in frost and with eyes of blue flame, it was able to turn everything its breath touched into ice. While it lived in the bowels of the mountain gathering strength, the cold emanating from it froze the earth to miles around him. When the dragon came out of the snow-covered throat of the mountain, it birthed an avalanche, the like of which was never seen in those lands before. The part of the kingdom that wasn’t buried under the snow of the avalanche, was constrained by the freezing breath of the dragon. All the living turned into ice in a second. The impregnable walls of the castle protected Windilena from the deadly frost, but she couldn’t survive alone for long. So Windilena ordered the winds to spread the news of her kingdom’s misfortune across the world and call for help. Those courageous enough to challenge and survive the cold were attacked by the dragon: their swords broke as glass to its icy scales, and its breath turned them into icy statues. And one day a knight appeared from a faraway land. He had started his journey before the others, but the distance had delayed him. This knight wasn’t only brave and a master swordsman, but also had a bright mind, had read much and learned much magical wisdom. All the way to Windilena’s kingdom the knight was thinking about how can a dragon born of flame and ice be defeated. And so, passing the border of the kingdom, he first visited the volcano, that gave birth to the dragon. Going down the throat of the volcano, the knight found its heart of blue flame and bathed his sword inside it. The blade burned too and drank of the magical fire, and only then the knight went to the castle. Along the road he met many silent and lifeless statues of ice, and his heart filled with pain and bitterness. But the knight’s hand didn’t quiver when he struck his blow, and the scales of the dragon could not resist the united flame of his brave heart and his just sword, and melted. And the sword struck into the icy heart of the dragon. The blue eyes of the dragon went blank and he started to melt slowly – and the ice, that had invaded the kingdom, melted with him. The water gathered into streams that ran through hillsides and people and the animals were revived.
The castle gates swung open and Windilena ran towards the knight. Now she had no doubt that she had found the one she would live happily ever after – what actually happened.
And then spring came to those lands...

Windilena is #2 of ODD PRINCESS DOLLS. It took me about 300 working hours to complete her. She is OOAK (one-of-a-kind) ribbon joined victorian art doll, fully hand-sculpted from papier mache and air dry clay on metal armature, then sanded many times before being painted with acrilic paints and sealed with matt varnish. No molds were used or ever have been taken.
Her wig is hand felted from the best quality natural wool and decorated with beads. She also has a chain attached to her wig with a little crown in the middle and a lock on each end. 
Her detailed outfit is sewn by hand from the best fabrics and laces, nice to touch, and decorated with beads, which all were attached with thread, no glue is used. The outfit includes 
lacy garter
All items are easily removable.
She is about 47 sm including the wig.
Windilena comes with her book-label with her portrate on the front page, her fairy-tale inside and authority on the back page.

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